50 Cent Beefs With BET: "Get The F*ck Outta Here"


50 Cent, AKA Fofty, is out here collecting debts. He’s taking notes and he won’t let any of his rivals get off easily. With Teairra Mari, he’s been going back and forth to court dates to finally get his $30KRandall Emmett was rushed to the hospital for a heart attack after his feud with the rapper and Jackie Long was too afraid to deal with all the trolling so he paid up quickly. 50 Cent is on a pretty strong power trip right now because after his work with networks like ABC and Starz, Fofty is calling out BET and he wants his change by Monday.

The most creative troll on the internet changed directions this morning after he noticed something on BET. A few months ago, it was revealed that 50 Cent is developing a new series based on the Sex Money Murder gang in New York. BET thought they were being sly when they decided to advertise an identical concept but Fofty doesn’t play around and he’s already requested his money in a civil manner. “See how these networks be watching me,” said the producer. “SEX,MONEY, MURDER hun nah. how you doing sex money murder with no BX,no soundview, no pistol Pete. BET get the fuck outta here.”

He then followed up with another post, pointing out the one good thing about BET: Conny Orlando. “I ain’t gonna lie I would kiss her in the mouth, and wouldn’t give a fuck who don’t like it,” he said about Orlando. If Fif doesn’t see his money by next week, you can rest assured that we’ll be witnessing him get angrier and angrier by the day.