5 Things We Learned From Episode 4 of Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio Show


Nicki Minaj didn't hold back when it came to the fourth episode her highly anticipated Queen Radio show on Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 21).

During her acceptance speech for best hip-hop video at the 2018 VMAs on Monday night, Nicki previewed the fireworks to come on Beats 1 by teasing that she would name her "C---sucker  the Day" on the new episode. The rapper took aim at Travis Scott on episode 4, calling him "Hoe N---a the Week" for pulling out all the stops to get a second week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 over her own Queen album, but she didn't end up giving out either the "C---sucker the Day" or "Secret Hater the Year" awards, saying those are on the way next episode.

Other topics addressed: Her lengthy Twitter rant on Sunday after Queen finished second to Scott's Astroworld on the Billboard 200, 6ix9ine not getting approved to perform at the 2018 VMAs, having Chance the Rapper support her movement, the Harriet Tubman Twitter controversy and much more. 

Here are five things we learned from the latest episode Queen Radio:

Nicki Names Travis Scott "Hoe N---a the Week"

Nicki brought Sunday's Twitter tirade to Queen Radio, naming Scott her "Hoe N---a the Week" by a "landslide" for selling clothes and a "tour pass" to help vault him to No. 1 for a second straight week. (The "tour pass" she referenced, fered by both Scott and Minaj, is a digital album paired with early access to a venue on their respective tours, with a separate concert ticket purchase required. This was one many merchandise/album packages both artists sold their websites, fering posters, clothing and other items paired with a digital album.) "What we're not gonna do is have that Auto-Tune man selling fucking sweaters telling you he sold half a million albums, because he fucking didn't," Nicki claimed. "You stupid fuck. You got your fucking homeboy talking for you and you got your girlfriend selling tour passes. Stop it. Knock it the fuck f."

Minaj made sure to note that this is the "entertainment" industry and none it is serious. Nicki also says she "didn't give a fuck" about having the No. 1 album in the country. "When Travis] comes along and sells a tour pass that has nothing to do with his fucking music and says he’s sold more than Kanye West and Nas -- no you fucking didn’t, keep it the fuck real. I never cared about No. 2. I know I’m that bitch. I know I’m No. 1," the Queen rapper said.

Laughing Off the Harriet Tubman Controversy

Nicki ruffled feathers on social media Monday when she compared her fight in the industry to Harriet Tubman's journey. The Huffington Post then rounded up a bunch tweets that were upset at Minaj over the comparison, and the rapper said she couldn't stop laughing at the decision to post that article.

"Yesterday I said you guys were in the running for C---sucker the Day. How can you guys not understand humor? You would think these people would have something better to talk about," Nicki said. "I could not stop cracking up laughing. Real tears were coming from my eyes laughing. Is this a joke? They've spent millions dollars to erase me."

Responding to Charlamagne Tha God for Receiving "Donkey the Day"

On Monday, Charlamagne Tha God named Nicki "Donkey the Day" on The Breakfast Club, but was actually complimentary Minaj's latest album. "You are blaming everyone like you lost something," he said. "You put out a good body work and you sold 185,000 records, why are you being a sore winner?"

Nicki responded to the radio personality and was mindful and understanding his comments. "I was going to give the C---sucker the Day award to Charlamagne, and then when I listened to what he said, I said, 'I'm not going to do that,'" she explained. "I felt what he said was very true and very real and honest. He said I was being a sore winner and I'm a God-fearing woman and I need to be grateful."

6ix9ine Was Not Approved to Perform at 2018 VMAs

Nicki said she intended to have 6ix9ine assist her VMA performance "FEFE" on Monday night (Aug. 20), but the Brooklyn-bred rapper was not approved for an appearance in time by MTV executives. "I wanted Tekashi to perform with me at the VMAs, but somewhere along the line, he didn't get approved to perform," she said. "I would never not invite him to perform his hit record."

Shouting Out Chance the Rapper for his Support

Chance the Rapper voiced his displeasure with the backlash Nicki Minaj was facing online. The Chicago native publicly came to the defense the "Super Bass" artist Monday night on Twitter. "I can't imagine what it’d be like to literally not be able to show yo frustrations with actual inequities and subjugation. Without being called bitter or angry or a liar or crazy," Chance tweeted. "Motherfuckers] a literally tell a Black Woman] 'I feel u but u not goin about it the right way.'... what?"

Onika mentioned Chance's support multiple times throughout the episode and spoke how the 25-year-old recognized Nicki's fight. "I want to shout-out Chance the Rapper. There are certain things that men do that make me know they are a king in its truest form," she began. " ... Shout-out to Chance the Rapper. Chance let it be known Onika was one those people fighting."