5 Standout Moments From Donald Glover/Childish Gambino's 'SNL' Episode


It may have taken a couple tries to get to Saturday Night Live, but Donald Glover was a smashing success as the show's latest host and musical guest. 

From his opening monologue to his on-point Migos impression incredible performances as Childish Gambino, Glover's turn on the late night mainstay made for excellent TV.

Here's a rundown our favorite breakouts from his SNL episode.

He Can't Really Do Everything, But He Tried During His Opening Monologue

Glover doesn't care about his two failed auditions for SNL! Really! Here's a whole monologue that (absolutely doesn't) proves it! (Also, note to self: never drink an unidentifiable substance from a boiling pot before playing the clarinet maybe ever.)

“Friendos” Delivers the Migos Impression We Never Knew We Needed

Based on fake face tattoo placement, it appears that Glover was channeling Quavo here, though Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd round out a perfect trio that serves as one hilarious Migos amalgamation. A$AP Rocky swung through for a quick cameo, and all's well that ends well as long as the right rapper gets props for his ice cream Lambo.

“Saturday” Brings The Party Vibe While “This Is America” Provides the Perfect Tonal Counterpart

“Saturday” and “This Is America” saw their live debuts for the musical guest portion the program, with Childish Gambino flipping from a chill party scene (“Saturday”) to an intense, weighty performance (“This Is Us”).

Please Don't Read Kanye's Tweets During the Apocalypse

Think John Krasinski's alien apocalyptic thriller A Quiet Place, but with the additional challenge keeping quiet in order to survive — which means keeping opinions on Kanye West's social media activity to yourself, “Poopity Scoop” and all.

Lando Calrissian: A Sneak Peek at the Solo Smuggler

We're still a few weeks out from Glover's debut as Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but he donned the cape and the anti-hero's trademark 'stache and scruff for a sketch featuring a summit for all the black people in space. (And by all, we mean, well, four.)