5 Songs You Need to Hear From Lali Esposito's New Album 'Brava'


Lali Esposito recently dropped her third studio album, which is home to 12 new songs she promises are different from any her previous work. Released Friday through Sony Music Argentina, Brava features many collaborations, including Mau & Ricky, Abraham Mateo and Reik.

“My sound and even my way singing evolved,” the 26-year-old Argentine singer tells Billboard. “You’ll find other types songs that have a lot personalities,” she says, adding that her album is called Brava (mad) because it’s short, clear, empowering and has attitude. “Even if no song on the album has that name, it’s the message I want to send.”

It’s time to keep Lali on your radar! Here are five songs from her new album you should listen to.

“100 Grados” feat. A.CHAL

This sensual collaboration goes hand-in-hand with indie artist A.CHAL. “I wanted to surprise my fans,” Lali says working with the Perun singer, stating that she’s a fan his work because his melodic voice.

“Besarte Mucho”

Lali is currently making the rounds with her single “Besarte Mucho,” a song that fuses the sounds bolero, pop, rap and a hint bachata. “It’s that interesting mix traditional rhythms from our culture and making it modern,” she says.

“Sin Querer Queriendo” feat. Mau & Ricky

After being on Mau & Ricky’s “Mi Mala” remix, Lali brings “Sin Querer Queriendo.” “This was their song and they gave it to me for my album,” she says. “It tells the story a girl who denies everything that happened and the boy remembers it all.”

“Caliente” feat. Pabllo Vittar

Lali heats things up on Brava with her track “Caliente,” an upbeat song featuring Brazilian singer and drag queen Pabllo Vittar.

“Mi Ultima Cancion” feat. Reik

In “Mi Ultima Cancion,” Lali and Mexican group Reik combine their romantic pop vocals with urban melodies that will make you dance and think about your love life at the same time.