5 of Britney Spears' Onstage Gaffes, From Forgetting Andy Cohen's Name to Forgetting Where She Is


Over the years, Britney Spears has had her fair share slips, mistakes, mispronunciations, falls and memory lapses onstage. Between her years-long Las Vegas residency and touring the world since she was 16, the pop princess was bound to have a few mishaps in front thousands adoring fans.

The best thing about Britney is how she's recovered from those flubs. See a roundup her charming onstage gaffes below:

Britney Forgets Andy Cohen's Name

During the infamous "Freakshow" portion her concert, Britney brought up Andy Cohen  Bravo's Watch What Happens Live! to play the "victim" role. The guest crawled around the stage in bondage gear, reveling in the part. However, when it was time for the skit to end, the pop star waved Cohen f by saying, "I think you all know who this is," following that up with, "Give it up for him!"

Cohen was just happy to be a part the show, and when he addressed the incident, he said, "Why would Britney know my name? She's Britney, bitch."

Britney Mispronounces Tinashe's Name

Under normal circumstances, mispronouncing Tinashe's name shouldn't be on this list. Unfortunately, Spears brought this one onto herself. In 2016, after sharing the stage with Tinashe several times and filming a music video for their collaboration "Slumber Party," Britney still couldn't get the name right. Twitter fans rolled with the mispronunciation and egged Tinashe on to change the pronunciation  her name.

Britney Twists Her Ankle

Britney took a tumble during her Vegas residency and almost put the rest the run on pause. During one the earlier shows the tour, she nearly twisted her ankle while dancing and fell to the floor. The grimace pain on her face is especially brutal.

Britney Forgets What City She's In

No one likes being forgotten, let alone having it happen to their entire city. During a U.K. show in Manchester, Britney was sure that she had it right and with confidence asked the crowd, "What's up, London?" Unsurprisingly, the typical applause was replaced with the sound thousands fans collectively going, "What did she say?"

Britney Forgets What City She's In, Part 2

Unlike the incident in Manchester, Britney made sure to ask where she was before addressing the crowd during a show in Taiwan. This time, she forgot about something else, though: Her mic was still on. The entire stadium heard the star ask a dancer, "Willie! Willie, where are we?"