5 Essential Tracks From Maluma’s New Album ’11:11′


Maluma, fans rejoice — the Colombian singer has unleashed his fourth album 11:11, exactly one year after the release of his previous album F.A.M.E (May 18, 2018). 

The set, produced by Edgar Barrera, MadMusick, Tainy, Andrés Castro, and Sergio George, includes 16 tracks. The album features cleaner lyrics (it only has three explicit songs) and a romantic tone.

11:11 includes collabs with Ricky Martin, Madonna, Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Ty Dolla $ign, Zion y Lennox, Sech, Chencho and Farina. Some of Maluma's co-writers include Servando Primera, Mambo Kings, Vicente Barco and Luian Malavé Nieves.

Billboard recommends the following tracks.

“No Se Me Quita” featuring Ricky Martin

This is the track that will stick on your mind all day. The lyrics are about thinking of one amazing night with a person. The song features very soft urban rhythms, but its pop sound will make you dance.

“Te Quiero”

Maluma loves salsa, and “Te Quiero” is a song that contains that essence of the '90s style. Maluma called on producer Sergio George and composer Servando Primera, who sang salsa with his brother Florentino during the late '90s.

“11 PM”

Maluma shows musical growth with "11 PM," which opens the album. The lyrics suggest that if you are crying for someone who is not worth it, that it is fine, because the sun always shines eventually — there will always be someone who will make you happy.

“Me Enamoré”

Maluma shows off his romantic side on this one. It's the Colombian singer's statement to that special girl, in the reggaeton style.

"Puesto Pa' Ti" Featuring Farina

Maluma shines the spotlight on rising female singer Farina with "Puesto Pa' Ti." It's the song that any man would sing when they are not loyal, but in love.