2Pac's "Strictly 4 My N****z" Gets Vinyl Reissue


Vinyl is back, with rumor that cassette tapes and floppy disks are soon to follow. These days, it’s more likely that somebody has a record player than a CD player, and the visually appealing aesthetic and superior sound quality please collectors and purists alike. It goes to show that history can ten feel cyclical; who’d have thought your parents’ record collection would go on to be cherished by hipsters across the nation? If that admittedly vague description sounds like it might be you, than it’s time to break out the bubbly, as good tidings are afoot. 

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It’s the twenty-fifth birthday 2Pac Shakur’s second album Strictly 4 My N****z, which features track like “Representin’ 93” and “Keep Ya Head Up.” To commemorate the occasion, the 1993 album has been granted a vinyl reissue, courtesy Interscope Records. Should you be interested in procuring a copy, slide on over here. For what it’s worth, the deluxe version looks dope as hell, with crisp red-orange vinyls. While the standard edition will be available in stores, the deluxe will remain an exclusively online option; as now, there are only one thousand copies in existence, and it comes with images from Pac’s personal notebook.

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True collectors are never far from a new mission. Should you be interesting in padding your roster, you could do a lot worse than Strictly 4 My N****z. While it’s not quite the classic that All Eyez On Me has become, it’s an excellent project nevertheless, and a stark reminded Pac’s artistic prowess.