2Pac Shakur's "Thug Life" Contract Is Officially Up For Auction


Memorabilia hunters, a new quest has been activated. Days removed from the emergence a rare personalized message and mugshot from the late great Notorious B.I.G, a piece Pac related history has hit the market. While the average person no doubt abstains from the niche hobby that is autograph hunting, those who have caught the bug have been known to fork over significant ducats. Now, collectors can be directed to a new piece rare 2Pac memorabilia, which has been procured by Heritage Auctions. 

TMZ reports that the rare item is Pac’s recording contract from his days with the Thug Life group. The fifty-four page document is signed by Pac, as well as his former group-mates Big Syke, Mopreme Shakur, Macadoshis, and The Rated R. The contract is dated July 24, 1994, and marks the release their Interscope collaborative album Thug Life Volume 1. Apparently, the contract covers ground like recording, marketing, and financial details. While the project went on to go gold, there never was a Thug Life Volume 2. 

Heritage Auctions intends on putting the contract on the block on April 15th, and expects the rare piece Pac history to land at least six thousand dollars. Perhaps, should the audience be rabid enough for a piece Pac, it could go even higher. Compared to the reported asking price Biggie’s mugshot ($36 thousand), it’s an absolute steal.