2Pac & KISS Broke Genre Barriers In Iconic Throwback Pic


If you think about it, the connection between KISS and hip-hop music is tenuous, but it is there. After all, would Juggalos not exist without Gene Simmons and his merry band? Despite the fact that the KISS bass player has disrespected hip-hop on numerous occasions, the legendary band occasionally found themselves crossing paths with some prominent and iconic rappers. Case in point, this picture that might have made for a hilariously bizarre collaboration in another parallel universe: 2Pac Shakur and the KISS quartet.


The image, which finds Pac throwing up the dub while flanked by the costumed band, took place at the 1996 Grammy Awards. Pac actually introduced the band to raucous applause. “How you like this Versace hookup,” he laughs, joking that “the Swap Meet was closed.” “You know how the Grammys used to be all straight-looking folks with suits, everybody looking tired, we tired of that,” continues Pac, in his introduction. “We need something different. Something new. We need to shock the people.” 

On cue, KISS emerges from backstage to riotus applause. “These my homeboys,” laughs Pac. “And I seen just about everything now.” And like that, the presentation for “Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group” commences. Spoiler: Hootie And The Blowfish took the prize. Rest in peace 2Pac Shakur!