2FeetBino – “OTR Freestyle” (feat. Christo)

unnamed-14 2FeetBino – "OTR Freestyle" (feat. Christo)

2FeetBino is a family man first and foremost. He’s a rising, star power-attracting lyricist second. These two aspects of his person have combined together to create an intensely focused, unusually magnetic artist who’s well on his way to the top. Boldly, with his chin to the air, he describes himself as “the center of the room.” 2FeetBino’s unique name comes from a creative space and further reflects his ability to reinvent. It’s inspired by driving, and then staying “ten toes down,” remaining authentic in the face of despair and trouble. It describes his approach to rap and life itself, and is a small piece of the puzzle that makes 2FeetBino who he is. His rap style is complex, realistic, and extremely versatile while his voice stretches and zooms around the wax like some kind of alien symbiote, clinging to the 808s with a death grip. He describes it as a “crossover” style that defies all kinds of labels. And that makes him a staying force that you need to get with.