21 Savage Has A Hilariously Bad Golf Swing: Watch


If you’re going golfing with Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage, you might not wanna stand too close behind him. The superstar took some time to chill with friends this weekend, hitting a golf range and striking some balls in the distance. If you believed that Savage would swing at golf balls with elegance and pure skill, you were incorrect. 

After a video appeared online of the street veteran driving the ball with his club at the range, people are begging Savage to hang up his equipment and stick to rapping. There are those, like TDE’s ScHoolboy Q, who excel in this sport. Alternatively, there are men like 21 Savage who need a little bit of practice before signing up for the PGA Tour. 

21 Savage Has A Hilariously Bad Golf Swing: Watch
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Getting extremely hype on video, the Saint Laurent Don looked like an absolute madman as he swung his club, making contact and nearly losing his footing at the end. To the rapper’s credit, his technique appears to have worked. He actually got the ball pretty far, hitting near the end of the camera’s view. Still though, his form is laughable and people are getting a kick out of it on social media.

This has us thinking — 21 Savage should just record himself doing these basic activities on a regular basis. Something about him golfing is just so entertaining. Like Jay-Z riding a jetski, maybe he can land himself in meme memories by doing this more often.