21 Savage Dropped $40K On His Kids At Gucci Store


It’s nothing new for rappers to be infatuated with Gucci, especially after Lil Pump namedropped the luxury fashion house 53 times in his smash single “Gucci Gang.” However, a new bar may have been set with rappers and flaunting the Alessandro Michele-directed brand. 21 Savage bought out the Gucci store, dropping over 40 racks at a time, the equivalent what some people make in a year. Flaunting his recent purchase, 21 explained that everything he bought was for his kids, saying, “On God, they got every shoe in their size that they had in the muhfu–in’ store, every outfit they had in their size.” 

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21 continues the flex, explaining, “I spent 40 racks on Gucci, on my kids, not on me. On nothing but my kids.” The Atlanta rapper’s children are certainly spoiled, and we’re glad to see him cashing out on them. After all, we can’t even start to imagine how much 21 has spent on Gucci for just himself since he came up. Allowing his kids to flex is a nice perk his job as one the most successful rappers out now since he can cop just about anything he wants for them.

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21 bought every shoe they had in the store in multiple sizes, as well as styling several outfits for the young ones, making sure they represent their daddy well. We’re sure the employees at the Gucci store were happy to have made their daily sales goal for the day all from one visit from 21 Savage.