21 Savage Disavows Jewelry, Wants To Influence Youth To Make Business Investments


21 Savage has been pretty flashy in the past when it comes to his fashion and jewelry. Earlier this month, the rapper balled out in the Gucci store, spending over $40K on shoes and outfits for his kids. 21 may no longer be on his jewelry grind anymore though, as his manager took to Twitter to inform the public that the “Bank Account” rapper is focusing on business investments and real estate. Many youths are influenced by the lucrative lifestyles that rappers show f in videos and social media, prompting them to become inspired to carve a lane for themselves so they can rock all the ice and be able to afford a ’69 Jigsaw’ chain.

21 Savage’s manager shared the following tweet, saying that his client is most interested in getting kids to focus their money in a smarter direction, writing, “21 Savage no longer wears jewelry …. buying houses .. investing in businesses …. crypto & youth start ups is what he wanna make cool for young rappers to do.”

It is not uncommon for rappers to flaunt their wealth for the ‘Gram as soon as they make it. After all, they’ve worked hard to get where they are and they deserve to show f a bit. 21 Savage’s initiative is encouraging since business investments are ten not discussed in school or elsewhere. Not many people recognize the importance buying stocks or flipping real estate. 21 is trying to make his money as tall as possible, and he wants the message to catch on.