21 Savage Confuses YBN Nahmir For Young M.A On An Instagram Picture


21 Savage is typically a pretty serious person in public but he does share his more humorous side on social media every once in a while. It’s typically done through Instagram where he shares videos on his Story him and his boys clowning around. Even when he was with Amber Rose, she’d ten catch him doing funny things without his knowledge being documented. However, his more humorous side came out today on Instagram when YBN Nahmir shared a throwback picture himself.

21 Savage slid in the comment sections YBN Nahmir’s recent post. Nahmir’s only 18 but in all fairness, he looks much younger than his age. The “Bounce Out Wit That” shared a throwback photo himself prior to having dreads. Savage swiftly skimmed through the picture and confused the young rapper for one New York City’s most promising emcees.

“I thought u was yung m.a.” Savage commented underneath the photo. It’s clearly a harmless joke but the comment itself lives up to the Savage moniker. 

While he might be busy cracking jokeson YBN Nahmir, the rapper recently revealed that he’s working on his next album. The project has yet to have a release date or a title yet but for day one 21 fans, the rapper said he’ll be delivering something more gangster than his debut album, Issa