21 Savage Buys His Homie A Mercedes Benz For 21st Birthday


For many, getting a birthday gift from the homies is a rare occurrence; at best, one might generally expect a few drinks at the local watering hole. Unless, course, one happens to be close friends with Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, who seems to be in the middle a genuine image reinvention. These days, the once-ominous, threatening rapper has been on a charitable spree, setting a respectable example for the youth his community. It’s a good look for the young talent, who recently found himself where few ever expected him to be – standing alongside a beaming Ellen Degeneres. 

Now, Savage has continued to pay it forward. Footage has recently surfaced the Issa Album rapper surprising his homie with a brand new Mercedes Benz, complete with piles money in and around it. The friend seems stunned by the gesture, and while he doesn’t quite shed a tear, it seems like he very well might. Once again, 21 Savage surprises the masses with his seemingly unparalleled generosity. 

It’s certainly hard to imagine getting a Mercedes Benz for your birthday, and there’s no doubt this young man will find himself riding for Savage till the end. If that’s not a gesture “bro-love,” I don’t know what is. Stay tuned for more news on 21 Savage, whether it be for his charity or his music.