2 Chainz Speaks On Gun Violence Following The Murder Of 3-Year-Old Thirigi Craig


The topic about guns and gun control has been around for a while but it’s prominence grew following the Parkland shooting. Many artists and celebrities have been outspoken about the need for better gun laws while others have been vocal about their second ammendment rights. 2 Chainz is the latest rapper to chime in about gun violence after one his fans were shot during a drive-by shooting.

2 Chainz took to Instagram to speak on gun violence after three year old, Thirigi Craig, was slain in a drive by shooting. The rapper posted a picture himself next to his young fan and started f by saying he doesn’t speak on gun violence or control frequently before speaking the death Thirigi Craig.

“I really don’t have many words concerning this matter which is really rare for me.” He wrote, “This young king was killed inna drive by shooting yesterday in Decatur , frankly I’m just appalled man.”

Whats seemed to really strike 2 Chainz about the situation is the fact that he has a son that’s roughly the same age.

“This kid is around the same age as my son and my heart goes out to his family … we have to do better y’all … how you kill a 3 year old bru ????? How ??? I believe in protecting yourself but I don’t believe in reckless conduct like this I hate it.”

His post comes shortly after Killer Mike’s controversial interview with the NRA.

Peep the post below.