2 Chainz & LeBron Unpack "Rap Or Go To The League:" Kanye’s Missing Verse & More


2 Chainz sat down with LeBron James, who as you may know, performed an A&R position on Rap Or Go To The League, for one-on-one interview phase they pitched to Apple Music - they've pegged it: "2 Chainz and LeBron James: Rap or Go to the League Interview" for brief... however in actuality it's miles extra engrossing than the title would suggest.

LeBron and a couple of Chainz actually go par for par in unpacking every tune on the album, itemizing their favorites, by which a good quantity of anecdotal info has come to gentle, together with this: Kanye West was meant to report a verse on "Momma I Hit A Lick" subsequent to Kendrick Lamar, however inevitably turned bitter on the concept, after developing brief within the warmup classes, LeBron explained.

"Originally, Pharrell did the beat, and he had a hook on it, and I ain't just like the hook," 2 Chainz says within the interview. "And so Kendrick did one other hook on it at first and I did not actually just like the hook."

At which level, LeBron takes over the storytelling for a mere second earlier than 2 Chainz interjected as soon as once more, invoking Kanye West to start out the sentence. "(Kanye) did not wish to be on it, so I took him off, after which he needed—I ain't going forwards and backwards with that," 2 Chainz concluded.

Kanye's movement to omit himself from the proceedings is however certainly one of many anecdotes 2 Chainz winds up sharing within the phase. LeBron gives a ton of commentary as nicely, however to a lesser extent, contemplating he was solely current throughout the recruitment course of and within the last levels. The full interview is obtainable over at Apple Music right here.