1501 Ent. CEO Carl Crawford Doesn’t Understand Why ‘Things Went Left’ With Megan Thee Stallion


Megan Thee Stallion has had a banner year — she was named Glamour‘s Woman of the Year, landed a first-look deal with Netflix and her latest single “Thot Shit” went platinum. Not only that, the Houston native graduated from Texas Southern University earlier this month, fulfilling a longtime dream.

But that doesn’t mean Megan doesn’t experience hardships like everyone else. Like Biggie said, “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” and Megan has a few of them. In addition to dealing with the legalities of the Tory Lanez shooting incident, the 26-year-old rapper is still in court proceedings with 1501 Entertainment. 

In a new interview with Bally Sports Network’s Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, 1501 Entertainment CEO Carl Crawford addressed all of Megan’s recent success and sounded hopeful they could resolve their differences at some point.

“All of it is cool,” he said of Megan Thee Stallion’s Netflix deal and college degree. “But it would’ve been cooler if we were all getting along still. Like really, things always went left. We still don’t have a real reason why things went left. Everything is cool with her, like I said we wish her the best. We’re just going to keep doing our thing, 1501.”

When asked if Crawford envisions a resolution, he replied, “Hopefully. We still in court right now. We still going to court about stuff and, you know, until that’s over with, we don’t have no chance. Hopefully at some point the court cases will be over and then you can move on with your life ’cause we stuck in this one little place.”

In March 2020, Megan Thee Stallion claimed 1501 Entertainment was holding her music hostage while she attempted to renegotiate her contract. She accused Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince of using intimidation tactics and subsequently sued 1051 for over $1 million in damages.

A Texas federal judge granted her a temporary restraining order against the label and she was allowed to drop her debut, Good News, in November 2020.

“Everybody in the industry knows this is what JAY-Z and Roc Nation do: They come in, find the smallest things wrong with the problem — because there weren’t any problems before she left — and then she says that I didn’t want to negotiate?” Crawford told Billboard at the time. “OK, tell everybody your definition of negotiating. Your definition is, ‘OK. I’m going to send Suge Knight’s old lawyers to come in, and it’s a stick-up…’ Of course, I’m like, ‘This isn’t a negotiation. This is a robbery.’”

Megan Thee Stallion claimed she wasn’t represented fairly during the initial negotiation and said Crawford supplied her lawyer. Crawford voiced his frustrations with the entire case earlier this month.

“Year 3 and I’m still battling this court case about bullshit,” he wrote on Instagram. He added in the caption, “Up and coming indie Bosses and CEO’s pay close attention to this cause this can easily be u one day. They try and drain u with the court systems in hopes of u folding.”