15 Unforgettable Rapper Brawls


In hip-hop, having and commanding respect is paramount to one's success and survival.

While this is largely relegated to using expression in the form art, dance, and performance as a means attack, at times, competitive tensions have flared, leading to things getting physical.

The DJs and the dancers may have been the first to engage in artistic warfare, however, it would be the emcees that would become the central figures in these battles as rap became more popular.

Showdowns between the likes Busy Bee and Kool Moe Dee, the Cold Crush Brothers and the Fantastic Romantic Five, and other acts would create an excitement among fans like few records could. However, these exchanges were purely artistic and rarely led to any violent altercations.

As hip-hop grew and blossomed during the 90s, street credibility became pertinent to an artist rhyming about the criminal element, resulting in a number rappers going out their way to release diss records disparaging one another for the sake bragging rights or to defend their honor.

But with the stakes getting higher and the aggressive and violent overtones associated with the streets coming into play, these spats between rappers and crews would occasionally spill f record and be settled f wax, which has led to some the most notorious beefs and moments in rap history.

That said, here are15 unforgettable instances in which rap artists or members their crews got into physical altercations.