15 Best 'In Living Color' Performances


Heading into the 90s, hip-hop and urban culture was on the verge a new frontier.

With the music, fashion, and lingo bred by hip-hop beginning to infiltrate pop culture, new cultural institutions began to emerge, one them being the legendary comedy sketch show In Living Color.

Created by actor, comedian, and filmmaker Keenen Ivory Wayans, In Living Color would revolutionize the world sketch comedy by showcasing the marriage between comedy and hip-hop during the show's five-season run.

Debuting on April 15, 1990, In Living Color quickly became one the hottest shows on television in large part due to its cast talent, which included an unknown Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, Jamie Foxx, Tommy Davidson, and a host other stars that would become legends within the comedy world.

However, in addition to the humorous antics and characters associated with the show, one aspect that drew viewers to In Living Color was its implementation guest performers, which began during its second season.

Beginning with Queen Latifah, the show's first ficial rap act to rock the crowd, In Living Color would welcome a diverse cast the genre's biggest names. Among those that would appear on the show were 3rd Bass, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest, MC Lyte and other premier artists, helping make In Living Color a hotbed for hip-hop and further introducing the culture to middle America by bringing it into prime-time.

We've compiled a list 15 the hottest live performances in In Living Color history in celebration the show's ties to hip-hop.