13 Things to Know About the Charts This Week: Hot 100 Turns 60! Chubby Checker's 'The Twist' & The Beatles Reign


Drake continues his domination  Billboard's charts this week, completing the trifecta yet again, as he leads three  Billboard's most prominent surveys: the Billboard Hot 100, the Billboard 200 and the Billboard Artist 100.

On the Hot 100, "In My Feelings" earns its third week at No. 1, while Scorpion tallies its fourth week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, all helping him spend a 30th nonconsecutive week in the lead on the Artist 100.

However, it's pretty much all about the 60th anniversary the Hot 100 this week, which launched on Aug. 4, 1958, and has become Billboard's trademark songs chart, and the premier source ranking the hottest hits in the U.S. each week since.

Here are 13 things to know from Billboard's celebration  the Hot 100's 60th birthday this week:

1. From the top songs to the top artists and more, we recap all things related to the Hot 100's anniversary. Click here for the overview.

2. Leading our package  content is our massive interactive chart the top 600 hits on the Hot 100 from 1958 to 2018, marking the first time that Billboard has ever gone as deep as 600 titles in recapping the Hot 100's top all-time titles. Browse the interactive chart here.

3. Billboard's charts department and two chart superstars, writer/producer Mark Ronson and writer Diane Warren, go in-depth in spotlighting the Hot 100's top 100 hits all time. Click here for the list and analysis.

4. The biggest song all time on the Hot 100 continues to be Chubby Checker's "The Twist." We look at the song's history and how it's maintained such a hallowed status. Click here for the story.

5. We also highlight the top 100 artists in the Hot 100's history, based on chart performance. Click here for the full list.

6. Madonna leads as the top female artist ever on the Hot 100, as we look at the top 60 solo women, from Madonna to Mariah Carey and more. Click here for the list.

7. Elton John leads as the top male artist  all-time on the Hot 100. Check out the top 60 men on the Hot 100 here.

8. And, the Beatles lead as the top duo/group in the Hot 100's history. Check out the top 60 duos/groups on the Hot 100 here.

9. On the latest Chart Beat Podcast, co-hosts Gary Trust and Trevor Anderson kick f a special four-part countdown the Hot 100's top 100 all-time hits, starting with Nos. 100 through 76. Click here to listen.

10. Billboard's Andrew Unterberger analyzes the inaugural Hot 100 chart in 1958, musing about 10  the most interesting songs on the initial tally. Check out his list here.

11. We also look at the top 60 hits that never reached No. 1 on the Hot 100 but still rank among the biggest ever, from LeAnn Rimes' "How Do I Live" to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" and more. Click here for the full list.

12. From Barry Gibb to Paul McCartney and more, we spotlight some the top songwriters in the Hot 100's history. Check out the best the best here.

13. And, from Sir George Martin to Giorgio Moroder and more, we also look at the top-performing Hot 100 producers all-time. Check out the list here.