'13 Reasons Why' Star Christian Navarro Shows Off Singing Chops With Evangelia on 'Hello Again': Exclusive Video Premiere


"I needed a better way into my character," the musician-actor says getting deeper into the headspace Tony Padilla.

On 13 Reasons Why, Christian Navarro plays beloved teenage rebel with his heart on his sleeve Tony Padilla, who grapples opening up to his friends and peers about his family, friendships, sexuality and, course, his connection with their passed-on classmate Hannah Baker. And in his real life, Navarro has also spent time pondering the intricate world the sensational Netflix series as well.

Today, Billboard is premiering the accompanying video to "Hello Again," which finds Navarro teaming up with singer-songwriter Evangelia to share a story about to his character's yearning for Hannah. The folk-pop duet showcases Navarro's mostly unknown, low-bass timbre as he harmonizes with his emotive, singer-songwriter collaborator. The video sees a young brunette, who 13RW fans will instantly notice looks very similar to Hannah Baker, surrounded by swirling lyrics that capture Baker's experiences ("I know I'm different, that's what they say / I'd give it all just to feel the same"). Watch below:

"We were FaceTime-ing each other while I was in the middle filming Season Two 13 Reasons Why] and I was discussing how time passes between Season One and Season Two, and I needed a better way into my character," Navarro tells Billboard  how the collab began with his former Rutgers University classmate. "She suggested we write a song about it."

Adds Evangelia, "I grabbed my guitar while we were on FaceTime and started playing some chords. I wanted to create something with Christian to help him get into his character's headspace before filming. We talked about the core emotions his character and then started writing lines that reflected that and] before we knew it we had a melody too. While the song was written about Tony, the emotions he goes through are universal. We realized we had created something special and decided to make a fully produced version to share with the world."

With 13 Reasons Why just renewed for Season 3 earlier this week, perhaps there will be more character explorations from these two -- along with more moving, folk-pop harmonies.