13 Comeback Rap Albums That Saved Careers


Reaching the top your craft or pression is a high unlike any other.

The rush you feel from outsmarting and outlasting the competition while climbing up the rungs the ladder success is incredibly liberating, especially in rap, where being no. 1 is the ultimate bragging right.

However, the most difficult aspect success is being able to sustain it, a task that has proved to be far too great for a number one-hit wonders and victims obscurity.

Staying relevant and on the top your game musically is imperative to longevity in a culture eager to feast on its own, circumstances that can burn out the best them. With more than 30 years rap being in the public consciousness, and an endless list artists that have made an attempt at a career in rap, there have been more than a few rappers that have been able to find redemption and a second lease on life as a creative.

Everybody loves a good comeback and rap fans are no different, evidenced time and time again through their support some the genres most legendary acts when their backs were against the ropes.

In salute to those who have fell from the mountaintop only to climb back up again, The Boombox highlights thirteen rap albums that saved your favorite rappers' careers and helped cement their legacy.