13 Celebrity Cameo Videos Almost as Weird as That Fake Mark McGrath Breakup One


Sisqo, Constantine Maroulis, Christina Milian, Aaron Carter & Tommy Lee are here for you.

Sadly, the Mark McGrath Cameo breakup video that went viral earlier this week was an elaborate prank. It was definitley too crazy to be true, but the good news is that there are still plenty of completely bananas clips out there in which some of your favorite singers (or formerly favorite ones) will say just about anything for the right price.

Which is why we spent some time doing a deep dive into the Cameo feeds of everyone from Sisqó and Sir Mix-a-Lot to Motley Crue's Tommy Lee to find out what it costs to have the former "Thong Song" singer croon "Happy Birthday" to your beloved (spoiler alert: Sis doesn't sing HB to other men, but for $100 he will send a nice shout-out).

Check out 13 of our favorites below.

Sisqó (Cost: $100)

The Dragon was more than happy to send out out a b-day wish from Lisa to Devin, but after explaining why he couldn't do the whole deal -- "I don't really sing 'Happy Birthday' to dudes" -- he sent a shout-out and said "hopefully she could show you her thong." Thanks?

Constantine Maroulis ($25)

The former American Idol star and Broadway singer will definitely sing you "Happy Birthday," whether he's whispering because he's in the studio, scolding his dog for eating his leftovers or dealing with a bug on his windshield. But especially when he spends more than half of his one-minute shout-out videos talking about his love of Broadway and the two movies he's shooting while singing a bit of Rent.

Mark McGrath  ($100)

The Sugar Ray singer may have been goofing with the breakup video, but he went super deep on the disc golf tip in a video for Brunetto, enouraging him to get busy with his new business and get back out on those links with his buddies when he has time.

Stitches ($110)

The face-tatted rapper is the king of the NSFW dedication, whether it's encouarging a Texas high school football team to victory or reminding Joey not to "drive so motherf---in' fast" on Highlands Drive, where the posted speed limit is 40 mph. Got it?

Christina Milian ($125)

Forget the old boring blowing up a box with dynamite and blue powder for your gender reveal. Why not have the "Dip It Low" singer do it for you?

Lance Bass ($199)

The former *NSYNC singer is happy to send a b-day greeting (while encouraging Katie to say "bye bye bye" to those cigs), or a marriage proposal ("say 'bye bye bye' to the single life") or a special wedding greeting ("here's to 20 more years of staying *NSYNC"), with a special Cameo cameo from his old bandmate.

Ryan Cabrera ($40)

Talk about super specific.Whether it's a birthday shout-out to best friends since pre-school or terrible marriage advice to a groom, the "On the Way Down" singer is there for his fans. Especially Celine, who he hoped would have the very best karaoke party ever, complete with a falsetto Celine Dion snippet for good luck.

Riff Raff ($100) 

Whether he's warning the kids not to drink and drive or succumb to peer pressure (try origami or Ring Around the Rosie instead), the "Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz" rapper is full of bizarre advice ("keep your brains in the sky") and kind words for a staff on a job well-done from their boss, who is giving them all a free limo ride!

Randy Jackson ($250)

The producer and former American Idol judge is more than happy to give props to you for your birthday or a random acts of kindness initiative. In a pinch, he'll even record a video answering machine message for a busy CEO, who'd rather be watching cricket or hanging out with his family.

Sir Mix-A-Lot ($150)

The "Baby's Got Back" rapper is down to spend three minutes shouting out Dev Hub, even if he doesn't really know what that is. In the meantime, he'll also give you a long, lovely look at his massive home workshop and talk up his Torchmate CNC desktop plasma machine. You know what's up, Dev.

Aaron Carter ($150)

Chilling in his bed, the singer will give you a thumbs-up for your 36th birthday and being a great Momager ("my mom was not"), or promise to show up for the afterparty following his upcoming show, even spilling the hotel room number so you don't miss a thing.

Corey Feldman ($202)

The former child star loves to show off his home recording studio, whether he's telling a guy his friend thinks he needs longer curtains in his apartment and to stop "hoarding sh--," freestyling a custom operatic birth announcement or sending a message to a mother-to-be in the UK about how badly Gavin in Los Angeles wants her to move to the West Coast before she gives birth in three weeks.