10 Songs You Should Definitely Avoid Playing For Mom on Mother's Day


Moms definitely get a lot loving shout-outs in music. Heck, even Taylor Swift and Kanye West could find common ground when it came to penning tributes to their mamas. 

While there’s a plethora tunes that you and your mom can enjoy on May 13, there are some tracks out there you should wholeheartedly avoid on Mother’s Day. 

From mom diss tracks to mother lovers (not that kind, the other kind), these are the songs to skip. Just get her flowers, trust us. 

“Motherlover” by Lonely Island feat. Justin Timberlake 

Sure, this insta-classic track premiered during a Mother’s Day episode SNL and the hilarious clip features mom-friendly faves like Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson, but like, if mom actually listens to the lyrics then you’re in a lot trouble, young man. 

“My Mom” by Eminem 

Eminem’s relationship with his mom Debbie has been a complicated one to say the least, and he certainly hasn’t shied away from airing their familial grievances on his records. While the rapper made amends with “Headlights,” one the songs that lead to that apology and a lawsuit, this was his very anti-mom anthem in which he not only claims his mother was a Valium addict, but that she forced drugs onto him in his food, and even killed their dog with pills. 

“Mother’s Little Helper” by The Rolling Stones 

Yet another track that puts pills in the palm mom’s hand, Mick Jagger sings in the 1966 single, “Mother needs something today to calm her down/ And though she's not really ill/There's a little yellow pill/ She goes running for the shelter a mother's little helper.” If you really wanna be mother’s little helper over the holiday, probably best not to be a downer by playing a song about moms taking uppers. 

“Mother” by Pink Floyd 

“Mamma's gonna make all your nightmares come true/Mamma's gonna put all her fears into you/Mamma's gonna keep you right here, under her wing/She won't let you fly, but she might let you sing.” I mean, what mom wouldn’t love to hear this over Sunday brunch?

“Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains Wayne

An uncomfortable song for pretty much all moms (hey, guess what my creepy friend is checking you out), but especially for any Stacys out there just trying to have a nice Mother’s Day with their sought-after parent. 

“Fancy” by Reba McEntire 

Because nothing says a fun, uplifting Mother’s Day like Reba’s iconic cover about a dying, impoverished mother who guides her daughter into a life prostitution so that she can make money and survive when she’s gone. 

“I Wonder” by Kellie Pickler 

Unless you’re estranged from your mom or planning to be, this heartbreaker a tune (in which the American Idol alum croons “I think about how it ain't fair/That you weren't there to braid my hair like mothers do”) is for maternal send-fs only. 

“My Vietnam” by P!nk 

Now, moms love P!nk so tread carefully if you’re going to listen to some her older songs, including the one in which she quite literally compares her childhood to a war zone. Definitely harder to get the party started when you hear P!nk cry, “Momma was a lunatic, she liked to push my buttons/She said I wasn't good enough.” 

“Ya Mama” by The Pharcyde 

The song that launched a million schoolyard “Your mama’s so fat” cracks, this hip-hop diss track calls your mom (well, not your mom, per se, but you know) so fat that you can’t even see her legs, among a plethora other put-downs. 

“I Wanna F**k Your Mama” by Willie D 

Uhhh, do we really need to explain why?