10 Songs About the Ocean and Sea


About 70 percent the Earth's surface is water, and since about 60 percent our own bodies is water, it's only natural that mankind is drawn to the shore. Life sprang from water, it thrives there, and yet we know less about the creatures in its depths than we do the Universe outside our atmosphere. It is mysterious, powerful and majestic. No wonder it remains a constant source inspiration for artists all kinds.

Next time you take a moody trip to the beach and want a soundtrack to set the tone for your aimless stares, try one these delicious electronic dance songs about the ocean and seas. There's something magical about each one.

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Martin Garrix, Khalid – “Ocean”

Let's start this seaside reverie with an electronic ballad from Martin Garrix and Khalid. The young singer's lovelorn whisper is enough to set your arm hair on end. It's a romantic song for lovers just forlorn enough to be good for heartbreak kids, too. It peaked at No. 78 on the Hot 100 back in June 2018, but it's deep blue can shine for you in any season.

Beshken – “Lightning By The Sea”

New Yorker Beshken conjures absolute magic on this emotional outpour. A lively rhythm keeps the melancholy his voice from seeping too deep into the warm melody. If this is what stormy weather sounds like, we welcome the thunder. 

R3HAB, Lia Marie Johnson – “The Wave”

The title track from R3HAB's 2018 album aims to capture the sweet, nostalgic feeling golden summers. Johnson's sultry vocals are the perfect accompaniment to its sonic synth-pop foundation. "The Wave" reminds us that, no matter what life throws your way, if you roll with the tide, you'll always stay afloat. 

Petit Biscuit – “Oceans”

Here's an early cut from French producer Petit Biscuit's catalog. It sets a tone emotional tranquility and energizes the room with ever-building layers percussion and melodic sound. It's the sound being set adrift without a care in the world, dreamy while rooted in very human organic elements.

Kidswaste – “Underwater”

Another Frenchman steps to the plate with this cool-toned melody. It gives the listener a feeling weightlessness, a sort echoing detachment similar to how the world sounds when submerged. The real world becomes distant as you explore new depths yourself, giving everything a new perspective when you come back up for air.

Duke Dumont – “Ocean Drive”

Looking for a more synth-heavy electronic experience? Let's trade the acoustics for sinful neon streets. Duke Dumont's ode to Miami's famous South Beach strip is a little naughty, a little nice, and definitely spicy. It might be hot outside, but you can still wear a leather jacket to this one. 

Electric Mantis – “Pacific”

Let's get a little more specific with this homage to the "Pacific" Ocean. The Gold Coast may be rosy for some, but there's an ever-present shadow hanging over blue skies. "Pacific" is upbeat and hopeful, but beneath the bouncing rhythm is a melancholic progression befitting the Atlantic's colder, wilder sister. it's that dichotomy that makes this song so delicious, and the true Pacific Ocean so delightfully untamed. 

Machinedrum – “Ocean Thought”

Meditate to this mind melter from Machinedrum. After all, there's no sea deeper than the "Ocean Thought." This one swirls with every shade the rainbow, unfurling in psychedelic spreads that may seem worrisome at first, but relax. There's nothing to fear. The water is fine, it's just a little mysterious. You have to explore the unknown to grow.

Moby – “God Moving Over The Face Of The Water”

If you're ready to get hit in the face with a wave emotion, this cut from Moby's 1995 album Everything Is Wrong has got your back. "God Moving Over The Face Of The Water" can bring you to tears without uttering a single word. it's powerful, heartbreaking and awe-inspiring, seeming to indicate the end something big and the start something even more free.

Kultur – “Ocean”

We end our moody list with another cut from the Francophone world. This upbeat trap rhythm gives you the bounce you need to turn away from the sea with hope in your stride. Just remember, even if you're a lonely island, you can still shine in the sun. Keep your head up and your eyes on the horizon.