10 Songs About Sailing


Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with these 10 electronic dance music songs about sailing. That's right, Styx aren't the only sailors with great tunes about the sea. There may be a lot classic rock songs that come to mind in this nautical genre, but the electronic community has a lot great mood music to soundtrack your ship on its own.

We've got smooth tunes for easy waves, rough rumbles for stormy seas, and plenty energetic adventure anthems for the excitable pirate in you. Let these synths and beats be the breeze behind your sail, and let the music be your guide. 

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Zedd, Ryan Tedder – “Lost at Sea”

Sailing becomes a metaphor for love just out reach on this energetic cut from Zedd's classic debut LP Clarity. You can hear the influence Daft Punk has had on Zedd's synth sounds with that funky deep note. Let the wind this uplifting track carry you to a happier horizon.

Daft Punk – “Solar Sailor”

This cut from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack is for all those digital sailors who float on a sea circuitry. The stars shine not on these waters, but the electrons do look marvelous moving up and down the motherboard. Really, what is technology but a reverse-engineered version our own universe?

Poolside – “And The Sea”

Los Angeles is one the world's most famous cities by the Ocean, and LA-based duo Poolside has put aquatic-themed music in its name. “And The Sea” is a deliciously easy-going house tune with just enough pep to make you smile. It's sunny and carefree, and it's perfect for a day on the water.

AM.PM. – “Smooth Sailing” feat Eventide

Now that you've copped a relaxing mood, keep that tempo with this chill sunset tune from Nashville's AM.PM. Eventide provides a rhythmic vocal sweet enough to fall in love to. Don't worry about rocking the boat. It's nothing but “Smooth Sailing” with this gem on the speakers.

courtship. – “Sail Away”

Catch your breath with this dreamy electro-pop wave. This LA-based duo want to “Sail Away” with your heart, and you'll likely let them. This one just sounds like a perfect evening at sea. You can almost taste the salt water on your lips.

Waterflame – “Space Pirates”

What's that on the distance? Why, it's a band merry pirates, but there's something alien about them. They're “Space Pirates,” and they would rather hit the dance floor than steal your rum – although, they shouldn't wouldn't mind if you'd share.

Ghasper – “Turtle Ship”

A little rough water makes the bass go boom. This rowdy rumble comes courtesy Las Vegas DJ and producer Ghasper. This turtle must have come from Asiatic waters. It's got a cool tropical twang to its trap style, but the only thing getting trapped is you.

Guru Griff – “Waves”

Now that you've traveled the world from sea to shining sea, you deserve a kick back. Guru Gruff is another LA producer with the smooth moves to calm the “Waves” and set the mood. That saxophone is the secret ingredient to a sunset sail done right.

Audio Dope – “Floating”

As the sun's rays give way to dusk, Audio Dope guides you into a most beautiful night. Romantic acoustic guitar blends slow into a steady beat, and before you know it, you're hitting the deck with a drink in hand, shimmying toward ecsta-sea.

MF Eistee, Loop Schrauber – “sealight”

Keep an even keel with this downtempo beat for ya, something real rich and warm to make your head knock in the cool breeze. The sun is down, the stars are coming out, and the crackle the record sets the mood. Hope you enjoyed your day sailing.