10 Rappers Who Ditched the Mic for Careers Outside of Hip Hop


In everyday life, when someone walks away from a job or career it can be for a variety reasons. Maybe that person has lost their passion, or it's possible there wasn't a real desire to enter the field in the first place.

In the rap world it's no different, because one day an MC can feel like he or she will be constructing rhymes forever, then all a sudden move on to something else.

A perfect example is Roxanne Shanté — the subject an upcoming Netflix film —, who said she walked away from her rap career because it simply didn't pay enough, and she had a lot to take care .

"One the things about it was it was not financially beneficial for me at that time, and I had a lot responsibility," she said on The Breakfast Club while discussing her Netflix biopic Roxanne Roxanne. "Not only was I already a parent, already had my son but I was responsible for my sister."

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Remember the '90s rapper Tracey Lee? He had an extremely popular song, "The Theme (It's Party Time)" but then left hip-hop to become a successful entertainment lawyer.

Obviously Roxanne and Tracey aren't the only two rappers to chuck the deuces to life behind the mic.  We've listed 10 hip-hop artists who had enough and said "peace" to the life a rap artist.