10 Classic TV Shows To Binge/Re-Watch On Netflix Right Now


Summer 2018 is right around the corner and Netflix is gearing up to dominate the season by releasing a slew original content. This month subscribers can look forward to the chilling second season the mystery teen drama, 13 Reason Why and the highly anticipated fifth season Arrested Development. Not to mention, the enormous selection movies and original content already available on the popular streaming service, which is what we’ll be diving into today.

There’s more than enough content to keep your marathon Mondays and lazy summer Sundays occupied– although we do recommend stepping  outside and enjoying the sunshine too (maybe while playing these songs). As many network series come to a season close, this is the ideal time to revisit a classic TV show, giving you the opportunity to pick up on themes and scenes that you may have missed the first time. You can also relive the crucial moments and heightened drama that kept you addicted to the series in the first place. So before you jump into a brand new series, see if there’s something you want to revisit or binge for the first time (!) on the following list.