03 Greedo Talks ‘Still Summer in the Projects’ Album, Debuts New Song ‘Trap House’ Feat. Shoreline Mafia: Exclusive


Though 03 Greedo is currently serving 20 years in prison for gun and drug charges, his time in jail hasn't kept him from releasing new music. On April 5, the mercurial star will release his new album, Still Summer in the Projects, with Mustard serving as executive producer. After slinging out his strip club anthem "Wasted" last week featuring YG, Greedo is back with a new record alongside Shoreline Mafia titled "Trap House," which Billboard is exclusively premiering below.

Known for his hard-nosed approach, on "Trap House," Greedo does a complete 180 and shines over Mustard's luminous production. Though OhGeesy and Rob Vicious carry the song's weight with their verses, Greedo's indelible hook is too sticky to ignore. "No sheets on top of my bed," he croons on the chorus.

"That’s my family," Greedo tells Billboard email regarding his collaboration with Shoreline Mafia. "Those are the guys who I came in with along with Stinc Team. I was at my going away dinner, and they were there, so when I left, I told Rob that I was going in with Mustard. Mustard wanted me to get my people on the album to keep it organic. I was only there when Rob recorded, but we were able to get OhGeesy on it later on."

“This song is amazing and came together when 03 and I were in the studio just thinking about features for the album," Mustard explains. "I already know 03 and shoreline Mafia had a great relationship, and the beat matched their style, so it was pretty much easy as a layup.”

Before Greedo went to jail last June, he spoke to Billboard about his manic output in the studio and decision to churn out 30 albums. At the time of the interview, he squeezed out an impressive 13, including his album with Mustard. "I was very comfortable working with Mustard because he brings a traditional sound," he says. "He met me halfway on some beats that kept that sound but also fit me and what I bring to the table."

According to Greedo, the chemistry between him and Mustard was seamless, as he dubs Still Summer in the Projects "one of the easiest albums I made." 

"I would just pull up to the studio, roll some weed, sip some champagne, walk around mumbling to the beat, and just go in the booth and one take every song," Greedo relays. "Very precise. I knew going in what was on my mind that I wanted to get out."

Though Greedo's road to freedom appears dubious, his outlook remains positive. For one, he and his label Alamo Records have teamed up to give fans a chance to connect with the embattled rapper who is currently serving his time in Texas. Through their social media initiative, #LetterstoGreedo, fans can leave voicemails for the LA star, which will live on the campaign's website and also post pictures on social media with the hashtag. The combination of social media posts along with voicemails will be passed along to Greedo and serve as a medium for him to read, listen and reply to the messages. Secondly, Greedo has kept his head in the books in hopes of absorbing knowledge. 

"I stay reading, but I'm only reading biographies about businessmen, entertainers, and musicians," says Greedo. "I want to be inspired by the people I'm reading about and soak game. I don’t want to read about street shit or crowd my mind with stories similar to my old life."

Listen to "Trap House" below. Still Summer in the Projects drops April 5.