03 Greedo Has A "3,000 Song Rollout" In Place To Cover His 20 Year Prison Bid


03 Greedo clearly has phone privileges tucked away behind the concealment of a life behind bars. This past week, the incarcerated rapper spoke to Complex about the contingency he enacted months before submitting to the law, knowing damn well his fate rested in a Texas jail cell for the foreseeable future.

03 Greedo Has A "3,000 Song Rollout" In Place To Cover His 20 Year Prison Bid

Unique Nicole/Getty Images

Inevitably, Greedo wanted to provide for his loved ones while imprisoned, but not because he found himself in a powerless position. Given the fact, Greedo had been battling the case for some time, Greedo went about constructing a rollout, in which 3,000 songs over 20 years (his maximum sentence). In Greedo numbers, 3,000 songs over 20 years equate to 30 albums totaling 100 tracks each. How’s that for Costco volume? 

“I would record anywhere,” Greedo recalled during his exchange with Complex. “Sometimes it was in studios, but there were times I recorded in my cousin’s closet in L.A. because that’s where I did my biggest songs. Once Wolf of Grape Street dropped, I would go record with Migos at their session. Then with Uzi at his, then with Ty Dolla $ign, all in the same day. I recorded in all of the big studios in L.A., New York, and Atlanta.”

Furthermore, compared his resilient approach to channeling the inner and outward strength of a LeBron James-like athlete. Greedo’s most recent song submissions were on a joint project with Travis Barker of Blink-182. Before that, he and Mustard had come out with the underappreciated Still Summer in the Projects, which you can streamright here, by chance.