Watch Poppy's Apocalyptic Performance of 'Time's Up' on 'Late Late Show'


She's Poppy, and on Monday (Sept. 10) she paid a visit to the The Late Late Show to perform her latest track "Time's Up" from her upcoming sophomore album Am I A Girl?

The mysterious singer and web star appeared on the show sitting in a chair on a dimly lit stage, wearing a black and white latex body suit and platform boots, singing about waking up in a lab with her mind wiped and questioning her existence and surroundings. As the glossy track featuring Diplo took f, Poppy got out her chair to sing about the end the world and how human life is "meaningless" while joined by a pair go-go dancers encased in glass tubes gyrating to throwback new wave vibe.


After seemingly vanquishing two popping and locking lab technicians in white coats -- only to have them reborn for a short dance routine near song's end -- the enigmatic digital star, and possible "robot," finished the performance with her signature, slightly uncomfortable stare and subtle smile before the stage faded to black.

Check out the Poppy's full performance "Time's Up" below.