Watch a Robbery Go Awry in I DO's New Video 'Woke Up in Kingston': Premiere


Karma is real, and in I DO's latest video for "Woke Up in Kingston," the hip-hop tandem watch their luck go down the drain after a failed robbery attempt.

I DO -- comprised J. Lauryn and Trackdilla -- find themselves entangled in a muddy situation after trying to pull f a heist at a bar. Though they were able to successfully steal several bags money, they haplessly watch their luck go awry after a mysterious man attempts to take them down himself. 

The island-tinge record proves to be a dark lovers tale, which finds J. Lauryn and Trackdilla doing their best Bonnie and Clyde impersonations.

"'Woke Up In Kingston' is about a love story with someone not living their truth, but then everything comes full-circle when you find that self-awareness when ultimately finding your true self,” the group tells Billboard

With their project slated for 2019, I DO hope people can relish their flavor and aesthetic as a duo in the meantime. “I feel like a lot people from different cultural backgrounds will enjoy our music because it combines so many unique sounds and ideas," says J. Lauryn.

Watch I DO's video for "Woke Up in Kingston" below.