Voices Of the Latin American Resistance: Watch the Top Moments You May Have Missed


The issue immigration in the United States is a very important topic for many Latino artists, especially when it comes to being a voice support for those who are forced to leave everything in their country for a better future.

For this reason, Billboard brought together Latin artists -- including Ha*Ash, Nacho, Victoria La Mala and members CNCO -- who are very connected to current migratory issues and have a personal story to share.

The aforementioned artists discuss immigration issues inside and outside the United States territory in Voices the Latin American Resistance, a 42-minute video released on Friday (Aug. 3). 

CNCO’s Erick Colón and Christopher Velez open up about their personal stories.  At the age four, Erick remembers his dad leaving Cuba, while Christopher had to leave Ecuador at the age eighteen to find a job and help his family.

Meanwhile, Nacho explains why he can’t go to Venezuela -- even though he was born in the South American country, he doesn't have a passport anymore. 

Ha*Ash talks about families being separated at the bordee, while as Mexican-Americans, Hanna and Ashley discuss why people need more education about Latin countries.

Finally, Victoria La Mala shares her process discovering that the U.S has more opportunities to grow.

In case you missed it, you can see the top moments from the candid discussion below.