Top 5 Things to Know About Kay Kumar Leading Up To SVDS Release This Week

Thursday, December 3rd, marks the official release of rapper Kay Kumar’s video for his track SVDS. The teaser for the video was released last week, and you can check it on Kumar’s YouTube page. For fans and soon-to-be fans, I wanted to let you in on a ‘Top Five’ list of what you should know about this artist before the big day comes. 1- Kay Kumar is from the United Kingdom. You may have heard a hint of a British accent in his music so far, and you have heard correctly! Kumar is from Birmingham, where he graduated with a 2.1 in Business Enterprise. 2- Music for Kumar began from an early age. While most teens have no idea what they want in life and are often directionless, Kumar had already begun writing music by the young age of 14. It are these incredible lyrics, poems, and raps he revised seeing the potential his powerful words had--even in his early teens! 3- His music influences include artists you may not have guessed. While Kumar credits Bone Thugs n Harmony, Snow, 2Pac and NWA as early influencers, he also credits musicians and bands of different genres, including Muse, Wiz Kid, Rihanna, Jah Cure, and Mavado! 4- Other than writing, rapping and music and video production, Kumar’s interest range from travel, fashion, archaeology, politics, martial arts, and sports such as snowboarding, mountain climbing, skiing, and some death-defying activities such as as skydiving and bungee jumping! 5- SVDS is a collaborative work. The track itself was penned by Kay Kumar and Zak Le Ninja, who is the feature artist, the music was produced by Kumar, Zak le Ninja and Wzdm, and the video was directed by Kumar and Youssef Aferdou. Talk about bringing in a range of talents for one incredible result! So there you have it! My guess is you didn’t know any of these facts about Kay Kumar, but now that you do, you are can watch his video as an informed (and therefore more appreciative) fan!