Kodak Black Was Arrested Because Of IG Live Video

Kodak Black only has himself to blame for his latest legal setback. Black, who was on probation for charges including robbery, false imprisonment, fleeing a law enforcement ficer and possession a firearm by a delinquent, was arrested

Mother Of Black Kid In H&M Monkey Hoodie Changes Her Tune

H&M got destroyed earlier this month for an unfortunate listing on their UK website in which a black kid wears a "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" hoodie. But the boy's mother didn't join the attack on the

Kodak Black Arrested While He Was On IG Live

Kodak Black was arrested today for gun posession, weed possession and child neglect. He will be remanded in custody for violating probation. The raid happened when Black was broadcasting on IG Live. Black is on probation as

PnB Rock Pisses On Hotel Floor After Getting Kicked Out For Smoking Weed [VIDEO]

PnB Rock could either be considered a rebel or just one trifling dude, because he peed all over a hotel floor after he was kicked out for lighting up. He then proceeded to piss on the carpet

Snoop Dogg Loses Bet to Lil Duval After Steelers Lost to Jaguars

Snoop Dogg was left stunned following the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 45-42 on Sunday (Jan. 14). The Doggfather is a huge Steelers fan and he expressed his frustration the heartbreaking lost on his Instagram

Black People Can’t Handle Weed Due To "Genetics" Says Kansas Republican

Rep. Steve Alford has made some egregious claims about marijuana and its affects on African Americans in a bid to prevent the drug from becoming legal in his state. Speaking with other government personnel during a legislative

The Best Legal Marijuana Companies In LA

Marijuana and hip-hop have enjoyed a long and beautiful matrimony throughout the last forty years. The euphoric medicinal plant inspires rappers to pen vivid lyrics and stimulates producers to craft gorgeous instrumentals, while they enjoy a stress-free

Weed Is Still Banned At Coachella, Despite California Marijuana Law

The 2018 edition Coachella, arguably North America’s most popular music festival, is gearing up to be one the most memorable in the event’s history. The Weeknd, Beyonce and Eminem are the three headlining acts, with a plethora

Stephen Jackson Says He Smoked Weed For His Entire Career

There's been a back and forth about whether weed should be taken f the NBA's banned substance list. Retired player Stephen Jackson thinks it should be. While speaking to TMZ, the 39-year-old said he smoked a lot

Stephen Jackson: "I Smoked My Whole Career"

Count Stephen Jackson in as one the guys who wants to see the NBA legalize marijuana. Jackson, who has previously admitted to smoking weed, recently told TMZ, “I smoked my whole career, had a hell a career.”