Donald Trump Orders Air Strike On Syria

President Trump ordered a military attack against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Friday, joining France and the United Kingdom in launching missile strikes in retaliation for last weekend’s chemical weapons attack. Trump addressed the nation on Friday

Donald Trump Considering Death Penalty For Drug Dealers

Officials from Singapore’s Government have being asked to give counsel on their strict anti-drug policy, among a number proposals being explored, as the Trump Administration continues to scratch their heads over the “Opoid Crisis.” To give context

Donald Trump Throws Shade At Oprah, Challenges Her To Run

Donald Trump is no stranger to mud-slinging, especially once he loads up the Twitter app. The POTUS has been known to get good-and-riled, targeting all his opponents (with the exception Eminem) with furiously typed shade, ten emphasized by an

John Legend, Chuck D Slam Trump’s 'S—hole Countries' Comment

The backlash against President Donald Trump’s alleged racist comments has reached high levels pissed f-ness on Twitter. According to NBC News, on Thursday (Jan. 11), during a bipartisan meeting, President Trump referred to Haiti and some African

YG & Snoop Dogg Call Out Trump Over Ball Family Beef

In case you missed it, yesterday Donald Trump fired f a tweet directed at LaVar Ball, throwing LiAngelo under a full-on speeding bus. “Now that the three basketball players are out China and saved from years in

There are Trump shaped Pingers in rotation and they’re super strong

Believe it or not, but Europe is currently facing some trouble with Trump. Strange, right? Well it’s not in the political aspect you might assume, but instead the familiar mug the US President is being pressed into super strong ecstasy