Acid Rose remind of Daft Punk with their new release “Core”!

When two brothers are combining their talent, efforts and energy a very promising musical project is born. Meet Acid Rose, a very talented and original duo and their brand new french house release “Core”. Filled with beautiful

Rival Town ‘See Through’ (video)

Thunder Bay-bred, St. Catharines-based pop punk crew Rival Town are gearing up to release a new EP for Manic Kat Records this spring, and ahead its arrival, Exclaim! has your first look at what to expect from

Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley Opens Up About the Frighteningly Personal Journey to ’13 Voices’

Sum 41’s latest album, 13 Voices, is a lyrical journey frontman Deryck Whibley’s recovery after being hospitalized right up until the time he was ready to leave for tour, and that’s no coincidence. The once-mischievous punk rocker

‘Hard Core Logo’ Gets Its Own Stage Production

Bruce McDonald’s classic 1996 Canadian rockumentary Hard Core Logo told the story a self-destructing punk band hitting the road for one last truly disastrous tour Canada. Now, Toronto’s BFL Theatre Company is set to take the movie, based

Chandra The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 17

Hurling headlong into a weekend celebration exceptional weirdness and inspired independence, Wavelength opened the 17th edition their annual festival strong, tapping cult post-punk child star Chandra Oppenheim to set things in motion.   The daughter NYC art

WLMRT Monarch Tavern, Toronto ON, February 18

Coming in fast and hard, puckish punk unit WLMRT used Wavelength’s all-ages matinee to deliver a tight, brief set that bottled the acerbic st culture waxing their pair EPs.   While singer Shelby (forget about surnames) voiced

Japandroids / Craig Finn and the Uptown Controllers Danforth Music Hall, Toronto ON, Feb 17

Japandroids’ second album, Celebration Rock, was written with the express purpose sustaining the fist-pumping highs their debut for the entirety a live performance. Their latest, Near to the Wild Heart Life, abandons that approach, embracing synthesizers, studio

The Smugglers Announce Vancouver Reunion Show

While long-gone Vancouver outfit the Smugglers reunited back in 2016, they’ve yet to announce a reunion show on home turf — or at least until now. This morning (February 17), Grant Lawrence and co. revealed that they

Deforesters ‘Leonard’ (album stream)

Featuring members PUP, the Roman Line and Plan 37, Toronto “honest-to-goodness no-bullshit punk rock” four-piece Deforesters are gearing up to release their debut LP Leonard next week. Before the record arrives, Exclaim! is giving you the chance to hear

LeAnn Rimes builds musical kingdom with 'Remnants' – The Music Universe

LeAnn Rimes has built her kingdom with Remnants. Country with soul, soul with rock, and beautiful ballads are all contained within this album. The consistency love is the theme here, and can be perhaps overdone at times.