Superchunk Reveal Four Secrets About New Album 'What a Time to Be Alive'

Superchunk have been honing their fuzzy brand hook-filled punk for almost 30 years, yet with each album they still manage to find new ways surprise. Their 11th full-length, What a Time to Be Alive, continues the band’s

Ought Made a Mood Board to Help with 'Room Inside the World'

When they first signed to Constellation Records in 2014, Montreal post-punks Ought dropped a burst material that quickly earned them international attention. Released in an 18-month stretch, their first two albums, More Than Any Other Day and

Mammoth Grinder Use Old-School Thinking to Push Death Metal Forward on 'Cosmic Crypt'

“My week has been kind fucked,” Chris Ulsh admits.   His death metal/punk brainchild, Mammoth Grinder, is about to unleash Cosmic Crypt, the band’s first LP with renowned metal label Relapse. A week later, they will be

No Age Are Back to Not Taking Themselves Seriously on 'Snares Like a Haircut'

A decade ago, No Age defined everything that was great about late ’00s indie rock; the duo’s first three releases, Weirdo Rippers, Nouns and Everything in Between blended stripped-down experimentation with snooty punk rock, gaining overwhelmingly positive

The Rap Map: Meet 5 Talented Artists From Houston

Over the past seven months, our Rap Map series has ventured across six different U.S. cities, highlighting a handful promising artists in each market. As your faithful rap cartographer, I can write with confidence that Houston’s rap

Michael Blackson Unloads On Kevin Hart [VIDEO]

Late last year, Kevin Hart called out his friend Michael Blackson for trying to "capitalize" f Hart's cheating scandal. Blackson seemed genuinely upset that Hart would liken him to an IG model. The sting is still there

Maxo Kream’s ‘Punken’ Is Authentic Trap Music at Its Finest

When T.I. titled his sophomore album Trap Muzik, there was no specific sound or brand associated with the word. To a degree, he solidified trap’s initiation into mainstream hip-hop consciousness. He translated the rubber band men and Cadillac-riding dope

How Jeff Rosenstock Is Trying to Cope in Trump's America

Brooklyn punk Jeff Rosenstock is calling on his fellow Americans to be better citizens amid a deeply divided U.S. political landscape led by “a bully in the White House.”   The veteran band leader, formerly Bomb the

New Music: Maxo Kream – Punken

Maxo Kream starts his 2018 f with a new project. He drops 14 new tracks on Punken and continues to show f his ability to tell a story in his raps. The Houston artist pairs himself with hard-hitting

Meet Blind Matty, the No Warning Guitarist-Turned-Cowpunk

Though long-removed from their heyday, blues and country scenes thrive all around the world, including in Toronto. One the city’s more intriguing new country acts is a familiar face, though not necessarily to the city’s cowpokes: Blind