Jill Janus, Vocalist of Metal Band Huntress, Dies at 43

Jill Janus, the singer several rock bands — most notably the California metal group Huntress — died Tuesday at age 43. A representative for Janus confirmed the the news Thursday (Aug. 16) to Billboard, stating, “A longtime sufferer mental

Erykah Badu Shines at NPR's Tiny Desk Concert: Watch

Erykah Badu stopped by NPR Music for a beautiful Tiny Desk Concert on Wednesday (Aug. 15). The jazzy performance incorporated Badu's signature blend storytelling and humor while she sang through "Rimshot" and "Green Eyes." Rocking dreads and colorful makeup, Badu launched into

Justice's Live 'Chorus' Is a Lightning Storm Of Electronic Metal Energy: Listen

Good morning to everyone, but especially Justice, who just launched what might be the mightiest electronic missile the year. If you're looking for something to get your blood pumping, the live version "Chorus," from the upcoming live

Lady Gaga Shares Mysterious New Photos On Instagram

One week after announcing her long-awaited Las Vegas residency, Lady Gaga took to Instagram to unleash a cryptic trio photos. Gaga unveiled the triptych unsettling, greyscale shots on Wednesday morning (Aug. 15). Director and photographer Eli Russell Linnetz,

Excision Blasts to New Heights On 'Apex' LP: Listen

It's a long, hard climb to the top a mountain, but Excision feels like he's king the world. His fourth album Apex is a celebration all he's accomplished, and it just released in full his own label Rottun. It's

Shooter Jennings Revisits Heyday of '80s Country Music on 'Shooter': 'I Felt Like It Was a Left Turn'

As the son two iconic country musicians, Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, Shooter Jennings was always trying to be unpredictable in his own career as a musician and producer. He’s recorded psychedelic metal and hard rock, released

SLANDER, Crankdat & Asking Alexandria Merge Metal With Dubstep for 'Kneel Before Me': Listen

Thunder roars in the distance. A guitar crunches a repetitive rhythm as a synth moans in the night. A man's voice croons over the building energy until, suddenly, his voice twists into a gnarled half-scream, half-growl, and

Oh Sees Talk 21st Album 'Smote Reverser' and Its 'Smack In the Face' Lead Single

With 21 full-lengths, eight EPs, two live albums, four compilations, and at least a dozen seven-inches released over the last 21 years, there's a lot to talk about when it comes to garage-psych outfit Oh Sees (also

Two Elderly Nursing Home Patients Sneak Out to Attend Massive Metal Festival

Metalheads are a notoriously devoted group and apparently, that doesn't wane with age. Two elderly men snuck out their nursing home in Germany on Friday (Aug. 3), to attend one the largest heavy metal festivals in the world, tentimes dubbed

Seattle Mariners to Host an Alice in Chains Night

The Seattle Mariners have announced that they will be hosting an Alice in Chains night on Aug. 20 during their game against the current World Series Champions, the Houston Astros.  Seattle natives AIC, known for hits like "Man in a