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Cardi B on Responding to Social Media Critics: “How Y’all Square Ass Gone Tell Me Shit About Me?”

For many artists, social media is both a gift and a curse. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram allow artists to have a direct line to their fans, but more ten than not, the communication between “fan” and

Brad Pitt Bid $120,000 To Watch "Game of Thrones" With Emilia Clarke

Brad Pitt was willing to part with $120,000 to watch Game Of Thrones with two its stars, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, but lost the bidding war. The actor made the fer while taking part in a silent

SZA Reacts To Making Barack Obama’s 2017 Playlist

Even though he’s not in the White House anymore, Barack Obama decided to keep his annual tradition alive a couple days ago when he shared his year-end playlist, recapping his favorite songs 2017. RELATED: SZA Releases New Solange-Directed

Letter to the Editor: “It’s Rare I Click on an Article and Read All the Way Through”

Dear Donna, I would call myself a reader but it’s rare I click on an article and read all the way through. These days everyone is pushing an agenda. Your article on Frank’s Blonde captivated me until

Frank Ocean Teases New Music With a Cryptic Tumblr Post

Frank Ocean went on his Tumblr to tease new music—maybe. On Tuesday night, Frank uploaded a photo on his Tumblr  a man wearing a hat that says, “If you liked 2017, you’ll love…2018." This isn't the first time he's

Frank Ocean Shares Cryptic Message In His Latest Tumblr Post

By now most you are aware that Frank Ocean isn’t one to do interviews or jump on social media to keep fans updated, so unfortunately for us it’s pretty hard to follow his whereabouts. In fact, most

Beyonce Posts BTS Pics from JAY-Z's 'Family Feud' Video

Beyoncé has shared images from her hubby's epic Ava Duvernay-directed video, "Family Feud." Since its release last Friday, the star-studded video has certainly made the rounds, easily becoming the most talked about visual from JAY-Z's critically-acclaimed, Grammy

Songs by JAY-Z, SZA and Others Among Obama’s Favorites of 2017

As part his annual tradition, former President Barack Obama went on his Facebook page Sunday (Dec. 31) to share his favorite songs and books 2017. Obama's songs list is quite eclectic covering different genres music from hip-hop,

TheGoodPerry Rips Joe Budden & Charlamagne Over Frank Ocean

Joe Budden and Charlmagne Tha God fended all sorts folks with their end the year special. They got troll Azealia Banks to come out from under her bridge and attack them for calling Nicki Minaj "trash." They also

Every Kendrick Lamar 2017 Guest Verse, Ranked

Kendrick Lamar is rightfully notarized as a slayer beats. The world knows him as a rapper’s rapper, the lyricist embraced by all those who consider themselves lyrical. His stature as one the best breathing is why expectations are