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Kanye West More Popular Among White People, According To New Poll

The numbers are in concerning Kanye West’s favorability among the populace, and it appears that one group finds itself more fond Kanye than any other. According to The Hill, a new CNN/SSRS poll has found that Kanye’s favorable

Pamela Anderson Asks For Kanye West's Help In Freeing Julian Assange

We live in 2018, and it seems that almost anything can happen at this point. A perfect example being this latest bit news that Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has apparently written a letter to Kanye West, asking for

Talib Kweli Still Loves Kanye West, But Would Find It Difficult To Work With Him

Kanye West and Talib Kweli have made some beautiful music together. From College Dropout’s “Get Em High” to Talib’s massive “Get By,” the duo have forged a trusted bond as collaborators. However, if you’re familiar with Kweli, you’ll know

Police Say Daz Dillinger's Threat Against Kanye West Was Unfounded

Law Enforcement opened and closed the criminal investigation over Daz Dillinger’s threats rather quickly. TMZ last reported that Crip gang leaders had called f an initiative to make Kanye West pay for his supposed disparaging comments. The drama

MSNBC Host Quotes Young Thug's "Anybody" Lyrics When Discussing Trump

Although rappers love to discuss politics in their music, the same cannot usually be said for politicians speaking about rappers. Aside from Bernie Sanders’ public approval Killer Mike, politicians have steered clear any hip-hop references for the

Stevie Wonder Dismisses Kanye West's Slavery Views As "Foolishness"

“Honestly if you know your history, you know that’s not true,” Stevie Wonder confronted with the issue Kanye West’s controversial slavery views. “If you know the truth, stop listening to foolishness” is his advice. He’s hardly wrong,

Donald Trump Reportedly Barred From Attending John McCain's Funeral

Former Senator and Republican Nominee John McCain is not responding well to treatment for Brain Cancer. He has been staying at a Hospital near his Arizona ranch where his condition can be monitored around the clock. The situation

Janelle Monae On Kanye West: "I Don't F*ck With Your Free Thoughts"

Janelle Monae recently dropped f her Dirty Computer album and has since been doing a bunch press interviews to explain her masterpiece and where she’s at in life. Just like every other artist who is getting interviewed right now, Janelle