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Donald Trump Told His Lawyer To Lie To Congress About Moscow Tower: Report

Donald Trump, whereas campaigning to be president, was explicitly planning to construct a Trump Tower in Moscow. According to “two regulation enforcement sources” in a brand new report by Buzzfeed, Trump gave specific directions to his now-jailed lawyer, Michael

Cardi B Tells Fans To "Pay Attention" To Political Happenings: "It Will Affect Our Homes"

Cardi B dropped off a viral video yesterday – not her “Twerk” music video – however fairly a clip she shared on Instagram about latest strikes made by Donald Trump. As you could know, Federal Government staff are

Democrats On The Fence About Re-Tweeting Cardi B's Woke Donald Trump Speech

Cardi B was just lately trending on Twitter but once more after she shared a video to Instagram the place she merely went off about Donald Trump’s current strikes that require Federal workers to return to work

Diddy Praises Cardi B On Woke Donald Trump Speech, Says Post Will Go "Down In History"

Cardi B jumped on Instagram yesterday and determined to get a bit of political when she shamed Donald Trump for his latest strikes of sending Federal Workers again to work, with out getting paid. “Now, I do

Steve Carell Stars In Netflix Comedy About Donald Trump's Space Force

Last 12 months, President Trump and the United States Government revived talks of a Space Force. The complete factor was ridiculed by most the media, however having a bonus in house is not such a foul thought.

Cardi B Blasts Trump Over Government Shutdown: "Our Country Is In A Hellhole"

After 2018, it is protected to say #Kanye2020 has misplaced its attraction, however some suppose that

Snoop Dogg Clowns Donald Trump's Assessment Of "1000 Hamberder" Sandwiches

Snoop Dogg‘s public disdain for Donald Trump goes again a pair years, across the time he launched his  “Lavender (Nightfall Remix)” focusing on the President’s stage of aptitude. Since then, Snoop Dogg seldom goes to mattress with out

Samuel L. Jackson Calls Donald Trump "The Ultimate Cheap Guy" After Fast Food Feast

A few days in the past Donald Trump invited The Clemson Tigers soccer workforce to the White House to dine on McDonald’s and pizza in celebration of their National Championship victory over Alabama.  “Because of the shutdown, you recognize

Soulja Boy Bashes Drake, Tyga & Kanye West In Breakfast Club Interview

Soulja Boy us the newest rapper/celeb to go to the Breakfast Club, with a bargaining chip on his shoulder. Of course, each BC interview begins on the friendliest of phrases, as long as DJ Envy performs the

Michael Strahan Wants To Take The Clemson Tigers To A Lobster Dinner

President Donald Trump was the topic of all the memes this previous week when he welcomed the NCAA Football National Champion Clemson Tigers to the White House. Instead of treating the gamers to an aesthetic meal, Trump