Chop Mosley

TRAP | Season1| Episode 6 | Rookie Dir by Chop Mosley

All that the storylines achieve a climax since the storyline the show entirely unfolds.  This series is going to be a mirror picture exactly what goes on within our urban communities. Many young black adolescents turned into

TRAP | Season1| Episode 4 | You’re Going Home (2018)

This series will be a mirror image what goes on in our urban communities. Many young black teens become a product their environment and they ten get stuck in the “trap.” A lot young individuals do not

TRAP | Season1| Episode 3 | Make Sure That’s Our Last Run In (2018)

The bigger picture the storyline starts to come into focus in TRAP episode 3. Check out the newest instalment the series below directed by Chop Mosley and let us know what you think in the comments!