John Krasinski Details His Idea For Potential "The Office" Reboot

The Office has become one the most beloved sitcoms in recent memory, having amassed a wide viewership and inspiring many rampant Internet memes in the process. Its untimely demise has left many hoping that the NBC will revive

"Stranger Things" Introduces New Lead For Season Three

New updates have come through on the anticipated season three Netflix’s Stranger Things. Before today we learned that the show’s creators – The Duffer Brothers – we’re NOT leaving the Netflix Original as rumours predicted, season three will have

Jazzy Jeff Endorses Chance The Rapper For Fresh Prince Reboot

While actual details on the production end have been hard to come by, the idea a Fresh Prince Bel-Air reboot has never the less taken the internet by storm, summoning original cast members back into the spotlight. One

Overwatch Introduces New Support Character, Brigitte

In 2016, Blizzard Entertainment released Overwatch, and it became an overnight success. The multiplayer, first-person shooter was commended by fans for its character-based gameplay. With a roster over 20 “heroes”, it encouraged friends to play together and play