El Chapo's Narco Trial: Witness Says He Paid $100 Mill In Bribes To Ex-President

El Chapo is alleged to have operated with an innumerable bankroll on the top of his Narco-career. The newest inference of his wealth and energy involves us within the wake of Alex Cifuentes’s grandstand testimony. El Chapo’s former “right-hand man”

Juelz Santana's Luggage Allegedly Contained Oxycodone

The dubious nature Juelz Santana‘s escape from authorities on Friday has now taken a more logical turn. TMZ has learned that on his person that day, Juelz Santana was carrying oxycodone in the moments leading to the bust. Law Enforcement agents

Tammy Sytch, Former WWE Diva, Arrested Yet Again

The original WWE Diva, Sunny AKA Tammy Sytch, is being held prisoner in New Jersey for being a “fugitive from justice,” according to TMZ. The warrant was issued in Pensylvania, where she had initially evaded capture. Sunny was the