The Weeknd & Bella Hadid Are Reportedly Back Together

The Weeknd may be the most melancholic artist since dandies in the romantic era, but it would appear he’s not entirely void happiness. Fans Abel’s mystique have no doubt tracked his relationship status with utmost attention, as

Sylvester Stallone Will Fight War On Drugs In "Rambo 5"

Sylvester Stallone switches between iconic roles because he’s kept in shape and the public loves his toothy smile. After years speculation, Deadline reports that the 71 year old actor is set to return to the Rambo franchise for

Netflix & Selfies Banned From Cannes Film Festival

In what might prove to be a highly controversial move, the prestigious Cannes Film Festival have announced that Netflix and other streaming services will be barred from entering any their original films into competition for the “Palme