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Canadians Spent $1.6 Billion In Legal Weed Last Year

VICE printed a report indicating that Canadians spent effectively over $1.6 billion on authorized hashish merchandise this previous yr. It’s no secret, Canada’s Federal Government elected to move on laws successfully ended the prohibitive standing of leisure hashish, along with

Lamar Odom Venturing Into Cannabis Business; Says It Got Him Through Rehab

Lamar Odom has one substance to thank for getting him through his intense drug abuse treatment and recovery and it’s none other than cannabis. The 38-year-old former basketball player is one the latest celebrities to invest in the industry

Snoop Dogg's Company Has Raised $45 Million For Weed Industry Investments

It’s only right since he smokes so much it that he invests a ginormous chunk  change towards the marijuana industry. Specifically, Snoop Dogg and his company Casa Verde Capital are looking to invest in the ancillary cannabis