Justin Bieber Reportedly Won't Face Charges For Punching A Guy At Coachella

Justin Bieber’s been living it up at Coachella. He was seen chatting with the now famous yodeling kid, catching up with Post Malone and bouncing all over the festival grounds with different celebrities. As we reported previously,

T.I. Says Starbucks Boycott Is Important Because "There Needs To Be Real Action"

After a video went viral this past weekend two Black men getting arrested for sitting at Starbucks, it sparked such outrage that the company released an apology. “We apologize to the two individuals and our customers for what

Disney's Orlando Brown Arrested In His Underwear By Bounty Hunters In New Video

While many us grew up watching Eddie on the wholesome Disney show, “That’s So Raven,” he’s made himself known over the past few years as an eccentric figure. He’s had some strange encounters and internet rants including

Will Ferrell Rushed To Hospital After SUV Flips In 2-Car Accident

Legendary comedian Will Ferrell was heading home from a Funny or Die event in San Diego when an SUV chauffeuring him and two others was struck by a Toyota, reports TMZ. The Toyota hit Ferrell’s vehicle in the right rear,

Mother of 5 Detained At U.S. Border In Attempt To Smuggle Drugs Worth $1 Million

As talks about the wall between Mexico and America intensify, new reports attempted drug smuggling raise a concern for increased border policing in order to impede the trafficking opiates and other controlled substances. Authorities have revealed that a woman

"Bad Girls Club" Star Nicky Vargas Caught Giving Oral Sex Topless In Public

Bad Girls Club star Nicky Vargas is living up to the reputation she established for herself in the hit Oxygen series that helped propel her to notoriety. Last week, in Cape Canaveral, Florida, the former reality star was

Woman Tells Police Cocaine Flew Into Her Purse During Drug Bust

Kennecia Posey, a woman who was arrested last month for drug possession, had a unique, if not unusual reasoning for how narcotics would have been found on her person. When Posey was pulled over by Florida police,

Migos Tour Bus Raided Over 420 Grams Of Marijuana, Codeine & Xanax

The Migos tour bus was raided by the fuzz in Boone, North Carolina. The bus pulled over upon leaving the Holmes Convocation Center, where the Atlanta supergroup performed sans Offset, who was absent for one reason or

Dana White: Warrant Out For Conor McGregor's Arrest

UFC President Dana White says that a warrant has been issued for Conor McGregor’s arrest after the 29-year old fighter invaded the UFC 223 Media Day at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. McGregor wreaked havoc in the loading dock

3 Men Accused Of Selling Synthetic Pot That Caused Severe Bleeding

Three men in Chicago have been accused selling a fatal strain marijuana. Fouad Masoud, 48; Jad Allah, 44; and Adil Khan Mohammed, 44, were arrested on Sunday after the sold the drug, known as K2, to undercover