ODESZA Releases Long-Awaited Studio Version of Live Staple 'Loyal': Listen


Seattle duo ODESZA just made fans' dreams come true. Since 2015, the group has played a song called "Loyal" in all its live sets, but an ficial studio version the song has never been released. A live version was shared to YouTube from ODESZA's headlining Coachella 2018 performance, but that still left some layers to be desired. Now, fans can wrap themselves in its trap-heavy boom from start to finish with the ficial studio release "Loyal" below.

"The response to 'Loyal' at our live shows has been absolutely incredible over the years," ODESZA states on Instagram. "This song has grown and changed with us and with the show, and we couldn’t be happier to finally be releasing the studio version 'Loyal.'" 

"Loyal" is a real monster, way harder than anything on the duo's most recent album A Moment Apart. Boom this banger in the car, the club, wherever you've got good speakers.