Mac Miller Performs 'Small Worlds,' 'What's The Use?' and '2009' For NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Watch


Mac Miller toned down his usually boisterous set, instead bringing relaxed vibes to his NPR Tiny Desk Concert Monday (Aug. 6).

Miller started his three-song performance with a chill rendition his song "Small Worlds." The slow-churning track is reflective and lyrically addresses an old flame, with Miller rapping, "I know I probably need to do better/Fuck whoever/Keep my shit together/You never told me being rich was so lonely."

After a brief interlude, Miller joked around with his backing band and the crowd before introducing bassist and singer-songwriter Thundercat. Together, the duo then performed the funky track "What's The Use?"

Miller later expressed that he wanted strings for "2009," the last song he played. "This one means a lot to me f the album and we weren't going to be able to travel with strings, so we sent these guys sheet music and this is actually our first time -- we just played it together for the first time like 20 minutes ago," he revealed.

After a few more jokes, the song began with a heart wrenching cello and violins playing in conjunction with gorgeous and sparse piano keys. 

Check out Miller's Tiny Desk below.